Saturday, 31 December 2016

My Own Assam Adventures

I’m aware it's been ages since I posted on here but many changes have taken place in my life recently,fortunately changes that have given me the opportunity to pursue my writing passion. One of my news years resolutions is to blog more.This is the time of year when people plan for the new year to come but  also look back on the year that is about to end.Amongst the trials and tribulations of 2016  I did fulfil some resolutions I made for 2016.  I finally got my sixth book Assam Adventures published and along the way I’ve had adventures of my own.

I’ve always felt that reading and writing are escapism where you can go enter any world you desire. During a dark period in my life I choose to go back to a happy place,the time I spent in Assam as a child. This is an issue I touched on in the book.  Whenever my parents said we were going to India for a few weeks what I loved most was not just missing school but a break from the bullies. When my siblings and I got there we never wanted to leave,however we did find there were some other cultural issues too. For example the perception that people in India as a whole have of the UK. They rarely refer to it as the UK but actually London. I  felt that was still better than being at school and being the only Asian in my class.

As an adult this journey has followed me again. I started writing Assam Adventures years ago and just put it away and forgot about it. My dark point was when I took the book out again. It has not only resulted in the book now being published but for me it was a cathartic escapism that took me back to a happy place in my life. A person I’ve always admired is JK Rowling,who’s Harvard speech I watched over and over again as my own self help guide. One quote which really got me was,
“ Rock bottom became the foundation upon which I rebuilt my life.”

JK Rowling talked  about her path of depression and meaningless jobs. I had a similar experience where I was undervalued at work and passed over for promotion several times. This forced me to really re-evaluate my own life and focus on my passion. Another idol of mine is Madonna and in a recent speech when she picked up an award she said,

“ To my doubters your resistance made me stronger.”

When I was being back stabbed and undermined this resistance made me stronger too. Madonna talked about the double standards people had because she was a woman. I also went through similar barriers in the workplace. The fact that I was a divorced single mother working part time went against me too but was dressed up in a very subtle way.

I would say to anyone who reads or writes as therapy keep doing it and do it more even when you feel at your lowest. Within finishing this book I’ve had my own Adventures and reached the destination of getting the book published and slowly rebuilding my life again. I wholeheartedly thank everyone who stood by me in my difficult times but like Madonna I also want to thank my doubters as this gave me the fuel to pursue my passion. Maybe without this Assam Adventures would have still remained on scrappy paper in the bottom of my drawer. So thank you doubter’s for not only giving me the catalyst to get my book published but for overall helping me to find myself within my own Assam Adventure.