Friday, 18 March 2016

World Book Day.

For anyone in the literary field World Book Day is an event we all look forward to, a day dedicated to books and writing, celebrating some of the literary  greats and gaining new insights. This year along with my writer friend Leah Osborne I had the honour of being invited as a guest author at Moat Community College. I read a poem and short story from my latest collection Embarrassing Siblings,Playground Taunts and other Growing Pains. I tried to deliver the message of never giving up on dreams even if peers,teachers,etc tell you otherwise. It was heartening to find the year nine pupils engaged in the exercises we set them. Leah and I also had to undertake these exercises by writing a story on the spot.

Altogether I found this day very gratifying and it was very humbling to hear comments about how the children benefited from an educational point of view. The second group of year nines requested I write a story about them, which I will do. I did however promise a poem and this is how I summed up the whole day.

For world book day,
I would pray
that you would be kind
and listen with an open mind.

Thinking it maybe a bore,
and you would find the door.
Not just sat still,
but got a thrill.

You were all burning,
with your thirst for learning.
Beyond contentment
there was even excitement.

Your eyes lit up,
ready to erupt.
Being free
ideas thrown at me.

I couldn't not believe
you didn't want to leave.
Engaged in every way
never any dismay.

I hope from this day,
You have taken away,
Lessons of a lifetime,
Where you continue to shine.

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