Sunday, 8 November 2015

Divorce- A celebration?

Following the interview  last Sunday I then was invited to make another radio appearance, this time on the Graham Torrington Late Night love Show on Monday night. I had to pinch myself with this one as I grew up listening to that show. I've always been a fan so that phone call with the invite to appear on the show was a dream come true.

This time the discussion was around is it wrong to celebrate divorce? My view on this was, being released from an unhappy marriage is like being released from a jail sentence and getting that decree absolute makes it final  putting a green light on being able to move forward with your life. When Graham Torrington asked me how I felt when I got mine, for me it was just a formality as I knew the marriage ended. We then talked about can it be seen as a failure. To this I responded it takes guts to leave an unhappy marriage and referring to my interview the previous night, life is for living not existing.

Graham then asked me more about my book The Divorce Toolbox and what is the first thing to do when the marriage is over. I referred to the earlier chapters around practical matters that people completely forget about in the stress of it all, such as changing pin numbers on bank accounts. I have friends who look at bank statements and find thousands have been drawn out of their accounts as ex's still had pin numbers several years after the marriage.

The discussion closed with what is the last thing to do when the divorce becomes final. My view being rather than last but a continuous process is to keep moving forward with the life.

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