Monday, 14 September 2015

Revisiting the results

This time of year really takes me back! When the A level and GCSE results come out and people move onto pastures new. There is the aftermath of the grilling you get. I have touched on this issue at great length in my new book as it affected my childhood. Even if you feel your results are good enough for your path, society has a different view. The first social event you attend in the Asian community calender can be like a results day in itself. The comparison shopping of who got all A stars, who got into Oxford, who's doing medicine etc.

Looking back on all this now I have finally realised this is not even half the battle of life. I still reiterate maybe someone did get more A stars than you but what have they contributed to society? Being an Oxford or Cambridge graduate does not make you a better person. Just because someone's life may appear perfect these appearances can be deceptive.

In my collection my poem "Results Day" and story  "Behind the Scenes" I tackle this issue in depth and hope my readers will find strength from it. Anyone who has an event to attend following the aftermath of results day should walk into that event with their head held high. So what if your results are average it is not hurting anyone else, they are not paying for your up keep therefore its none of their business. Not passing an exam is not a crime.

If people are now at school, college or university doing taking a path they were not hoping for such as resits or  a degree course through clearing look forward to this journey, never feel ashamed of it. Having to resit exams does not make you a failure that should be excluded from society. On your first day in your new job,course etc walk in with your head held high. You are doing something productive for your future. All the best to you all on your new journeys.