Saturday, 4 July 2015

Time for The Big Race!!!!

During the long gap I had from blogging I mentioned that I have been keeping very busy. Amongst the books and usual mummy mania etc I have also been training for the Race for Life which I will be taking part in this Sunday 5th July at Victoria Park Leicester at 2pm.

Cancer Research is a charity I strongly believe in and feel proud to be supporting the event. However the cancer victims I know are actually survivors of the illness and still live to tell the tale which I find very inspiring and it gives hope.

I have an aunt who fought the disease and survived, she proved to be stronger than the cancer itself. This same strength was passed onto me in my dark times and I consider the women I know as true role models, by not giving up. The mentality they took was basically to tell the cancer to **** off.  I hope anyone reading this post will find this very heartening.

At the weekend I plan to do 10K combination of jogging and walking with some lovely ladies who I have met on this journey. Please show your support for this event by making a donation at

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