Thursday, 23 July 2015

Reflective Summer

As we are well into the summer holidays now I am still amazed at the year Nishka and I have had. There have been highs and lows,darkness and light. In reflection the following poem came to me during a bus journey about a week ago;

We Got Through!

Got through the year,
not without a tear.
Outwardly a smile,
inside a trial.

Would the next phone call
lead to a fall?
Trying to keep track
watching my back.

Digging in the knife,
cutting into life.
Constant pacing
heart,mind,body racing.

Amongst the low,
a lot to show.
Moments of pride,
no need to hide.

My little angel growing
inner goodness showing.
Refusal to demise
sparkle in the eyes.

With every ounce of mettle
fighting each battle.
Not giving in,
when luck wore thin.

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