Sunday, 12 July 2015

Race of Spirit

Last  weekend along with three other lovely ladies I completed the Race for Life and raised money for a very worthwhile charity. I’m so happy I made it to the 10K finishing line in a total of one hour and thirty eight minutes. Taking part in this event has given me so much on many levels. As I said in the previous post I feel inspired to know survivors of the illness and it is with this pride I took part in the event.

I have become a lot fitter from taking part in the Race for Life and had fun along the way. The last seven years took its toll on my own health and I feel by training for an event like this it has kick started a healthy fitness regime that I intend to maintain even though the race is over. If anyone is struggling for motivation to get fit and trying to juggle it with other commitments I strongly feel training for a charitable event is the way to go. It actually forces you to go for that run and not just talk about it. I found myself fitting training in around school runs for example. It also helped that while I was training for Race for Life Nishka was also preparing for her Taekwondo grading something which we do together.

On a social level I have also gained a lot from race for life with the new friends I have made. iIhave learnt a lot about people and the value of friendships and trust. It may sound like a cliche but been around other people can make you look at yourself in a different way. It makes you think of how you could improve your own life or how your own problems are nothing compared to someone else's.

I would like to round off my post by thanking my family who supported me throughout this event, my parents were at the finishing line taking pictures. Nishka even trained with us and my siblings and brother in law were generous with donations and helping me to promote the event. I know I have already mentioned the ladies I trained with but I cannot say it enough about the journey I have been on and the new people that have come into my life. I have kind of been on a very spiritual journey.

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