Monday, 29 June 2015

The Pen Strikes Again!!!!

In my last post I introduced my new book Embarrassing Siblings,Playground Taunts and other Growing Pains, which is a semi autobiographical anthology of poems and short fiction based on my childhood experiences. This collection covers adolescent issues that are still close to my heart such as bullying,racism,eating disorders, low self esteem, early puberty and many more issues. The bullying issues I cover in this collection  are not just describing fellow peers but also teachers. My siblings and I all have experience of having our dreams mocked or being met with negativity. The headteacher at my primary school told my mother that I would never set foot in a university. He was right I did not set foot in one university but two with two degrees to show for it.

While I was being mocked, picked on etc  behind closed doors I had an outlet to vent which  was through my writing which has led to this collection. In some ways I feel the playground bullies, boys who called me ugly and teachers who gave me the "slow walk" title should be thanked. I have learnt to channel my negative experience into something positive so I thank them all! I hope that particular headteacher reads this post or one of my books! The pen is mightier than the sword I have chosen to fight back in the way I know best, with my words.

This is the message I tried to convey when I put this collection together never give up on your dreams and don't follow the crowd. Another issue I touch on in my anthology is how Asian society often have a low opinion of you if you are not a doctor for example. My take on this is being a doctor or having any academic qualification does not make you a better person. If anything many of these people are unhappy behind closed doors.

I have already performed some  of the poetry and short snippets of the fiction at book readings and local festivals. As intended buttons have been pressed. My collection is available on Amazon as a print or kindle format. Enjoy and be inspired.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

I'm back!!!

I know it has been a while, which maybe putting it mildly. When I look at the date 27th January when I last posted on here, I know why I have left it for so long. At the start of February my long seven year battle finally drew to a close. I cannot actually believe I am writing this but I feel I have been given my freedom back from what felt like a life sentence.

It is mainly this closure that has impacted on posting on here. On the one hand it feels like I have been given a life line and can look to the future. On a physical and emotional point of view these last few years have taken its toll on my mind and body. There is an strong sense of severe exhaustion that has hit me to the point where at times I feel like a zombie.

When others have not been through what you have it is easy for them to judge but going through a legal battle like this does take its toll on your mind and body. I don't want to look back but when at every angle you are fighting  and stripped away of all your rights, never mind feelings it it puts stress on the body in very extreme ways.

I remember some of the days in court when my heart would be racing, I would gasp for breath and go for long periods of time without eating or drinking, no wonder it is catching up with me now! Often I would do a full day at work then afterwards have a solicitors appointment or grilling assessment with a psychologist, then have a child to take care of. I guess this has tired me out but also made me want to just de-stress myself a bit now and take it easy.

Life has not completely quietened down though I still like to make some noise. I plan to be up and running with the blog again and will go into the other excitement in my life. As a kind of introduction to the next post here is a flavor of what I have been up to. Despite the turbulence I have brought another book out. More to be revealed in the next post. Literally watch this space for more.