Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The 2014 I created.

With just a few hours to go till we say goodbye to 2014 I have bitter sweet memories of this year. It has certainly been an eventful year especially in terms of my personal life. Many events sparked off my best creative work, the highlight being the publication of my first self help book The Divorce Toolbox.

On the creative front it has been a very productive year where I pushed the boundaries further on the literary front.  I did a total of eight performances this year including Indian Summer and more recently the Human Rights in Art and Film festival. Not all my performances were spoken word. I stuck to my news years resolution of taking up music again when I gave a semi classical vocal performance in October for an Assamese event. My contribution to the Phoenix Writers Group anthology led to me anchoring the launch event back in October.

At many of these events existing publications were well received with the books I sold. I mentioned Divorce Toolbox earlier, this book also lead to me being invited to give a radio interview in November.

My creative endeavours have not just involved writing and music but also a business venture and developing new skills and hobbies. This is the year I planted seeds of business aspirations when I started working as an Ambassador for Tropic Skincare which has also improved my ongoing skin conditions.

I am not that far from reaching the big 4 0 which like a lot of people has made me put together a bucket list, there are two things I can certainly  tick off. I learnt  how to use a sewing machine when I attended an all day sewing workshop back in May and made a cushion. Something I intend to do more of in 2015.

Last year to support Nishka  I took up the Martial Art Taekwondo, something which I have been meaning to do for  while, following my teenage half baked Karate beginnings. My teacher felt i was doing so well that I got put forward for my first grading, which got me promoted to yellow tag in June. My first physical exam in nearly twenty years.

Phew that's quite a lot actually this really has been a confidence restoring exercise. This is the time of year when people reflect on the twelve months gone and often feel disheartened. If you actually sit down and  reflect you will find you have achieved more than you think. A majority of my time got spent on very soul destroying and often mundane challenges that actually made me feel at times drained of creative impulses. Writing this post has actually made me realise my own strength of character. The turbulence in my personal life did not actually kill off my dreams, maybe without knowing it a fire got sparked off in me to do better.

Just to wish all my readers lots of light and positivity to make your dreams come to true in 2015. Do not let anybody stand in your, I certainly haven't. This is the year when i had strips torn off me but nobody has been able to break me. Let your problems make you not break you. Happy new year.

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