Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My box of tools.

My followers know about the legal battle i have been going through in the last six and a half  years. This is how my blog started. I decided to take it a step further and publish a book about my experiences, titled The Divorce  Toolbox- Surviving the courts, CAFCASS and Social Services while leading a normal life.  I decided to take my experience and use it to help others. My own case has made me so experienced that people now turn to me for advice.  My book is a self help book that offers assistance on how to deal with a legal battle and have a normal life. In these situations people feel helpless and like they do not have rights. The authorities come into their lives and intrude and effectively dictate their lives. My book gives practical solutions on how people can get round these problems. We have more rights than we think and we are not inferior to these people. Something which prompted me to write this book is how people do not even realise they can make a complaint against an organisation like CAFCASS. These people are not god and keep making mistakes at the expense of children. After seeing the experiences of some of my friends and the various activist groups I follow I felt I needed to do something to help people like me.

I have split the book into sections for people want to read it from cover to cover or just read the relevant sections.Many people for example do not know how to make a complaint about CAFCASS. In my book there is a whole section covering this, based on my own experiences. Some people may still be unsure about whether to end their marriage or not and worried about financial implications. Again the beginning of the book covers this.

I do not want people to suffer in silence and be bullied by the system. Use my book to take control of your life and give your children a better future. It is available on amazon kindle and print book format.   Check it out at

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