Monday, 14 April 2014

Out of The Dark.




I am aware I have been quiet on the blogging front for a number of months now but life certainly has not been quiet. In the last few months many changes have taken place that have required me to put some old ghosts to rest, free karma and get to a point of acceptance.  I am now feeling lighter and energised with creative fuel again.


The following poem sums up the journey I have travelled in the last few months. The poem is the same title as the post.


Excess baggage inside,

in whom could I confide?

I had to let go,

to be able to grow.


Living with the inner pain,

was driving me insane.

On that path I would not last,

so I let go of the past.


To live I lost all will.

And became ill.

Each day I would dread,

no will to leave me bed.


I lost my spark.

There was only dark.

Although there was insight.

I could not see light.


So much still to be revealed,

I am not fully healed.

Going from repentance

to a state of acceptance.

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