Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The 2014 I created.

With just a few hours to go till we say goodbye to 2014 I have bitter sweet memories of this year. It has certainly been an eventful year especially in terms of my personal life. Many events sparked off my best creative work, the highlight being the publication of my first self help book The Divorce Toolbox.

On the creative front it has been a very productive year where I pushed the boundaries further on the literary front.  I did a total of eight performances this year including Indian Summer and more recently the Human Rights in Art and Film festival. Not all my performances were spoken word. I stuck to my news years resolution of taking up music again when I gave a semi classical vocal performance in October for an Assamese event. My contribution to the Phoenix Writers Group anthology led to me anchoring the launch event back in October.

At many of these events existing publications were well received with the books I sold. I mentioned Divorce Toolbox earlier, this book also lead to me being invited to give a radio interview in November.

My creative endeavours have not just involved writing and music but also a business venture and developing new skills and hobbies. This is the year I planted seeds of business aspirations when I started working as an Ambassador for Tropic Skincare which has also improved my ongoing skin conditions.

I am not that far from reaching the big 4 0 which like a lot of people has made me put together a bucket list, there are two things I can certainly  tick off. I learnt  how to use a sewing machine when I attended an all day sewing workshop back in May and made a cushion. Something I intend to do more of in 2015.

Last year to support Nishka  I took up the Martial Art Taekwondo, something which I have been meaning to do for  while, following my teenage half baked Karate beginnings. My teacher felt i was doing so well that I got put forward for my first grading, which got me promoted to yellow tag in June. My first physical exam in nearly twenty years.

Phew that's quite a lot actually this really has been a confidence restoring exercise. This is the time of year when people reflect on the twelve months gone and often feel disheartened. If you actually sit down and  reflect you will find you have achieved more than you think. A majority of my time got spent on very soul destroying and often mundane challenges that actually made me feel at times drained of creative impulses. Writing this post has actually made me realise my own strength of character. The turbulence in my personal life did not actually kill off my dreams, maybe without knowing it a fire got sparked off in me to do better.

Just to wish all my readers lots of light and positivity to make your dreams come to true in 2015. Do not let anybody stand in your, I certainly haven't. This is the year when i had strips torn off me but nobody has been able to break me. Let your problems make you not break you. Happy new year.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My box of tools.

My followers know about the legal battle i have been going through in the last six and a half  years. This is how my blog started. I decided to take it a step further and publish a book about my experiences, titled The Divorce  Toolbox- Surviving the courts, CAFCASS and Social Services while leading a normal life.  I decided to take my experience and use it to help others. My own case has made me so experienced that people now turn to me for advice.  My book is a self help book that offers assistance on how to deal with a legal battle and have a normal life. In these situations people feel helpless and like they do not have rights. The authorities come into their lives and intrude and effectively dictate their lives. My book gives practical solutions on how people can get round these problems. We have more rights than we think and we are not inferior to these people. Something which prompted me to write this book is how people do not even realise they can make a complaint against an organisation like CAFCASS. These people are not god and keep making mistakes at the expense of children. After seeing the experiences of some of my friends and the various activist groups I follow I felt I needed to do something to help people like me.

I have split the book into sections for people want to read it from cover to cover or just read the relevant sections.Many people for example do not know how to make a complaint about CAFCASS. In my book there is a whole section covering this, based on my own experiences. Some people may still be unsure about whether to end their marriage or not and worried about financial implications. Again the beginning of the book covers this.

I do not want people to suffer in silence and be bullied by the system. Use my book to take control of your life and give your children a better future. It is available on amazon kindle and print book format.   Check it out at

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Tropical Summer

Over the summer period make the best of the sale at Tropic skincare. As well as the products I mentioned in the previous post, here are some popular items that my customers have requested in skincare and make- up.


Tamanu Balm- Great for preventing sun burn and mosquito bites.


Mineral Foundation- Much lighter than heavy based liquid foundations at this time of year with extra sweating from the sun.


Gel Eye Liner- When I tried a sample of this on my hand I had to do a lot of scrubbing to get it off, now I am a convert to the product, my mum has purchased one too. Great to avoid make up melt down, no need for touch ups throughout the day.  


Mineral Eye Shadow- For when you want to glam it up on a summer evening check out this lightweight product, check the website for marked down prices.


To find out more about these and other sun glamming and survival products please check out my website


Sunday, 20 July 2014

More Manic Mondays

As if my Mondays were not manic enough with juggling motherhood, writing, a day job, domestics and legal antics, yes my case is still going on! I have now decided to embark on another venture by becoming an Ambassador for a company called Tropic Skincare. The company was founded by Susan Maa of the television series The Apprentice with investment from Lord Sugar.


I am still in the start up stages of this new venture but already I have gained so much from it, on many levels.


In this post I will talk mainly about my own personal benefits of the products. From my previous blog pieces my followers will know my life is not just busy but stressful. The products from tropic skincare that I have recently converted to, have not just given me a skincare regime. I have also adopted   a more holistic way of life.


The products are 100 per cent vegan and chemical free and work at a therapeutic level. The eye roll on for example has helped me with my migraines and severe exhaustion. Just massaging the roll on around the temples has alleviated my migraines without medication. I am therefore putting fewer chemicals in my body as I rely less on medication.


The refreshing face spritz is very multi purpose, working as a toner and face spritz to use throughout the day. I have applied it directly to my face when feelings of sluggishness and lack lustre get to me. It can also be kept in the car and sprayed when a quick zest of energy is needed.


The eye roll and face spritz have become my own hero products to get me through court hearings.


As the products are natural they can be used on the whole family even kids. The facial oil with Moringa has also become a multi functioning products. I massage it before bed and wake up with glowing skin. I have also used it to calm myself and have found after use I do not have the palate for fizzy drinks and want to drink water. I have used this product on Nishka too as a massage for her eczema and a before bedtime calming kid’s massage.


To find out more about these products please visit my website at






Monday, 14 April 2014

Out of The Dark.




I am aware I have been quiet on the blogging front for a number of months now but life certainly has not been quiet. In the last few months many changes have taken place that have required me to put some old ghosts to rest, free karma and get to a point of acceptance.  I am now feeling lighter and energised with creative fuel again.


The following poem sums up the journey I have travelled in the last few months. The poem is the same title as the post.


Excess baggage inside,

in whom could I confide?

I had to let go,

to be able to grow.


Living with the inner pain,

was driving me insane.

On that path I would not last,

so I let go of the past.


To live I lost all will.

And became ill.

Each day I would dread,

no will to leave me bed.


I lost my spark.

There was only dark.

Although there was insight.

I could not see light.


So much still to be revealed,

I am not fully healed.

Going from repentance

to a state of acceptance.