Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Festive Selection.

Whether it is glamming up for the festive season or buying some last minute gifts, Select is the place to shop. There is currently a sale on with 50% off. If you are still stuck for gift ideas, at Select you will find cute little stocking fillers for as little as £3/£4. These stocking fillers include handy items such as winter warmers. The receipt of tacky, useless presents can be a problem. Select have a classic range of scarves, gloves, and hats etc which are a godsend during the cold season.

The shops are mayhem at the moment; this is where the Select online store and facebook pages are handy. If you spend £20 or more there is free delivery. You can cover party clothing and Christmas shopping in one, without pushing through crowds of people, de-icing the car or worrying about parking.

You do not need to limit the shopping to just presents for others, why not treat yourself and look glam for the festive season. There is a sale on tea dresses for a party for as little as £10. Why not accessorise your look for as little as £4.

At this time of year finances are also an issue, where people want to enjoy the festivities of parties and giving gifts, without breaking the bank. Select offer reasonably priced clothing, jewellery, shoes, accessories and more without scrimping on quality or style. Check out the deals at


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Open Mic, Open Mind!

Earlier in the week I performed at an open Mic poetry event at Duffy's Irish Bar in Leicester. It was very stimulating to meet such open minded people with a wealth of talent. I also pushed myself to a different level with the type of poems I chose to perform. They both not only had themes from my motherland, Assam, in the North East of India. I also recited a couple of stanza's of my second poem in my mother tongue Assamese. This is the first time I have written a poem in another language and it has inspired me to write more.

Both poems will be posted on my blog, the following is the first one I performed. It looks at the theme of how the Assamese mark pretty much every occasion in life with a different type of song. These songs can be lullabies, for medicinal purposes, rituals etc.  The rituals performed during a woman's pregnancy and even when a child has smallpox, some type of song is sung.

A Life in Song. 

From the cradle to the grave,
in sadness and joy.
Darkness and light,
a song to sing.

After conception,
the warmth of a mothers womb,
nourished with a song.
Blessed before entering the world.

A grand entrance,
greeted with a song.
Rocked in a cradle,
no longer a restless child.

Laying close to a mothers heart,
soothed by her milk.
And sweet voice,
drifting into the night.

Pains and perils of smallpox.
A mothers heartbreak,
a suffering child.
A medicinal song.

Passed from mother to child,
flowing within the blood,
embedded in the veins.
ingrained for life.