Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Aftermath!!!


It is that time of year when people are starting new journeys in their academic lives, following GCSE and A level results. Some people end up deviating from the route that was originally planned. The build-up to results day causes a big hype and the physical stomach churning happens on the day itself. There is then the aftermath of public events and seeing fellow students, where people are effectively forced to justify why they are following a different path.

This time of year has got me thinking about when I was going through this same period in my life. Looking back they were not really such huge problems compared to what life throws at us later. Later on down the line we actually appreciate the journey we ended up taking, as it lead to unexpected adventures.

This particular topic inspired me to compose the following free style poem. If people are feeling disheartened and interrogated about the aftermath of results day, I hope this poem will shed different light on it. I have given it the same title as this blog post.


My friend got all" A" stars,

Another is doing medicine,

The other is going to Oxford,

My life is over!


I must hide in shame,

How will I show my face again?

Law instead of medicine,

What a sin!


First major event,

Since the big day.

How many stars did you get?

I’ve decided to fly to the moon!


Before you enter,

Show your CV!

And flashy car,

From your six figure salary.


Now an observer to all this,

I sit and ponder.

So much to learn about life,

This is not a problem!






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