Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A flash at fiction

I have just enrolled my first ebook "Flash Sex" in Kindle Direct Publishing Select. (KDP Select) This is basically Amazons lending library system for ebooks. For a book like mine this is an ideal way to just literally take a flash at some of the stories, if readers do not have time to read the whole book. When I first brought the book out and wrote blog posts, I mentioned there is something for everyone. If you want escapism from real life with some naughtiness you could turn to "Cyber Sex". If you want some girl on girl sizzling fun  take a flash at "Tipping the Line". ( I understand this one has been very popular) For good old fashioned romance there is "Precious" or "The Tea Party".

With KDP the choices are abundant with type of book especially. When borrowing from any library, there is always the pressure to finish the book by a certain time. The pressures of modern life do not always allow this. With my collection you will not be disappointed if only get say one or two stories read. For more information visit the amazon kindle store and take a flash at "Flash Sex" by M S Devi.

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