Monday, 8 July 2013

Optimum Fitness

As the weather is finally getting better and my life is getting more and more hectic ( watch this space I may have some big news soon) I have decided to get fit. Nishka will be breaking up for her summer holidays soon, I still have a day job and writing is getting busier. ( not that I am complaining).

I generally enjoy keeping fit and do not look at it as a chore, however  I am prone to bad habits. Namely snacking between meals and the excessive need for a sugar rush. Recently I  have discovered a range that is helping with these problems and my goal of getting fit. Like many single mothers I do not have a large budget therefore I am making the best of the bargains going at Optimus Protein. They currently have a sale on their starter bundles, which is exactly what is says on the label. The price was originally £85.44 and has now come down to £76.70, a saving of £8.54. The starter bundle includes protein powder in various flavours, a drinks bottle, a shaker and various other goodies. Just buying this bundle, is all  that is needed for the summer without needing a big budget.

For details of the big sale going on and other special offers check out this link

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