Tuesday, 9 July 2013

News Flash!!

I have finally done it! Got my first book out. Decided to take the plunge and bring out an Ebook on Amazon Kindle. I have realised it is just pointless to let my writing grow dust in a cupboard somewhere. The encouragement I have received, from the Phoenix Writers group and followers of my blog, has given me the confidence to take this gamble and let my baby out into the big wide world.

As it is my first attempt at doing an ebook I decided to go for a relatively small scale project, a collection of mildly erotic flash fiction stories. I also feel there is a gap in the market for more flash fiction/short story collections, especially for busy working mums. I often pick up longer novels that I do not finish and literally lose the plot trying to fathom the sequence of the story. With collections of short stories however they are great to dip in and out of. There is the amazing feeling of getting one or maybe more  stories read in an evening. My collection is also quite eclectic where some stories are quite graphic, some good old fashioned romance, fantasy and real life issues that effect women in modern society like sexual repression and unhappy marriages. I have tried to put something in there for everyone. 

The whole adventure has been hard graft but fun and I must give credit to my contributors. Tony Lyons for his excellent photography, that I showcased in previous posts and for being a good friend who makes me laugh at myself. Everyone at the Phoenix Writers Group, but especially Leah Osborne a good friend and  fellow juggler of motherhood and writing.

Leah was an amazing support throughout this whole process and as well as critiquing and proof reading, Leah kept me very sane and often believed in me more than I believed in myself. To find out more about Leah's business please visit

To buy your copy of Flash Sex by M S Devi ( my pen name) please visit The ebook can be found in the fiction section, sub category erotica, under the title of the book and authors name. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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