Thursday, 18 July 2013

Holiday Romance!!!

My book sales so far have been by people who are going on holiday. The kindle really is a godsend of an invention. If like me you overfill your suitcase with clothes, shoes and make- up, ( many of which you do not wear) then with a kindle there is not the extra hassle, of trying to squeeze  thick hardbacks and risk getting charged for excess luggage.

My collection of flash erotica is also perfect to take on holiday. A holiday should be a balance of sightseeing, relaxing, etc. Many of the stories in my book are under one thousand words long. Depending on speed of reading one story could be completed within minutes, leaving time to take a dip by the pool. One of my followers who has purchased my book says he has already completed the whole book.

It is holiday season all round with the kids being on summer holiday. With running around after Nishka twenty four seven, my own reading has been mostly short story collections. After a day entertaining  kids ,  with " Flash Sex" I have tried to include stories that offer light relief from the daily grind.

By reading " Flash Sex" some people may even feel inspired to get passionate with their partners on holiday or even start a holiday romance. The feedback I have received from the book so far is that people have been able to visualise some of the imagery I have portrayed. One of my aims as a writer is to take people out of the world they live in and indulge in fantasy. Beware " Flash Sex" could really end up taking you on some adventures!!!

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