Sunday, 28 July 2013

Holiday Romance-2nd Helping



To continue the theme of holiday reading, in this post I am going to blog about a publisher who I have always loved from my teens to now, Mills and Boon. My own library of reading material is eclectic, but if I want something light hearted and quick to read, with a touch of good old fashioned romance, it has to be Mills and Boon. I am in the process of writing one myself and was very happy to be accepted on their affiliate programme.


The books maybe quick to read but they are definitely not quick to write, it is a different sort of writing discipline. Once again however Mills and Boon is the perfect holiday romance reading material. Being around 50,000 words they can be read in an evening. They are now also available in eBook format. You do not even need to be on holiday to enjoy one. With the kids school holidays the books are a blissful way of unwinding after running around after kids all day. They have something for everyone. If you want costume drama type romance there is historical, good old fashioned boy meets girl there is modern. For those who want extra naughtiness there is blaze, but beware it’s very, very saucy.


With the summer season there are many great offers and clearance sales  going on, especially on eBooks for as little as £3.49. A box set in the Mills and Boon world for those who want to indulge in fantasy is the Tall, dark and handsome collection, a total of sixteen scandalous affairs. At the moment there is twenty per cent off new releases. To find out more about these and other saucy summer treats please visit



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