Sunday, 7 July 2013

Burning a Dream - The Finale

We ended our performance with a piece about "Non uniform Day", with the backing music of Raag Jog. This raag also has a dark quality, Akash and Rishii put together a kind of groove to it. This poem was suppose to convey a profound, positive messege, which is why we felt the groove was appropriare. Rishii and Akash showed their musical dexterity in this peace with extra emphasis where I left a gap. The idea was to also emphasie the emtions through music. The extra twists they both added earned us a standing ovation when we finished.

Non uniform day.
Non uniform day
A lot to say
The line of fire
Because of my attire.

Mocked by the school,
Made to look a fool.
My alleged friends,
They deserted  me.

I looked at my watch,
The day dragged.
Treated like a parrasite,
Sat in isolation.
Crying my eyes out,
What was the fuss about.
Having no voice
and no choice.

Now they pass me in the street
And want to meet and greet.
Suddenly,I’m good enough
Outshing them all.

Not sponging from the state
No excessive weight.
A sense of class,
Not a chav.

My childhood they tried to  rob,
now stuck in a dead end job.
Pregnant as a child.
Contraction of a disease.

Looking back,
I've come a long way.
And feel empowered,
a bully is a coward.


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