Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Burning a Dream 2.

When I recited my second poem at The Y I introduced Akash Parekh and Rishii Chowdhury to the stage. The poem titled "Stripping Dreams, was based on" experiences my siblings and I  had of teachers being bullies. When  teachers tell you that " you are incapable", " you cannot go to university, " you will never amount to anything" etc etc, what can you expect from children? Quite often these predictions are proved wrong in later years. I got told I would " NEVER set foot in a university". I did not set foot in one university but two and came out with two degrees.

Nowadays political correctness is at another extreme. A few years back there was a kick off, about social services being called because a mother hugged her child for too, long at the school gates.

I channelled my anger at these issues in this poem. While I recited the poem Rishii provided a light beat on Tabla. Akash played an Indian Classical raga ( composition) called Kirwani. This raag is known for its dark haunting, quality, which we thought was very fitting for this piece. It allowed us to capture the emotions of the poem, with music that was prominent,without detracting from the statements I was trying to make. This is how it went:

Stripping dreams

Shaping young minds,
And future citizens.
Laying down roots,
Lessons for life.

Watched in adoration,
To aspire to.
The key to the future,
Hero worship.

To then find out,
They are bigoted.
With preconceived judgements,
Only educated by certificates.( said in freestyle no beat and very soft sitar strumming)

Corrected by ridicule,
Making an example.
Just one derogatory statement,
Sets the whole tone.

We live in the 21st century,
That doesn’t matter.
Under a microscope,
Scrutiny for every move.( said in freestyle no beat light sitar strumming)

Hug a child too much!
You are possessive.
Not enough,
You are neglectful!

A child out of the ordinary,
Does not fit the mould.
What a sin!
Daring to be different.

Ambition turned to mockery,
Made into satire.
Crushing a soul,
Burning off a dream.

From a broken home,
That’s still a stigma.
Put a hair out of place,
Let’s call the social!

Abuse of power,
By the book,
Targeting the wrong people.

Politically incorrect, paranoia!

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