Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Magical Three

I Breath a sign of relief to say got through last week which was a challenging one. However there are some moments I would happily relive again. The “Burning a Dream” project as Mayapee and the half Moon circle nuts went down better than expected. There was amazing energy from fellow performers and such an incredible audience. We really met a talented bunch of people with so much passion for what they do.


The feedback from the audience was interesting, especially around tuning the instruments. I had Sitar and tabla accompaniment from Akash Parekh and Rishii Chowdhury.  Both instruments that require a lot of tuning, especially sitar. All of us felt very touched to hear the audience say” don’t apologies for taking extra time tuning, we think it’s beautiful and quality is worth waiting for”. Very beautifully said, considering we have heard Indian audiences, criticize top artistes, for taking too much time with tuning. It was also a touching moment to receive a standing ovation at the end of the performance.  Although I have performed at the Y before the structure of the feedback was different this time. We now have a better focus about the next level of this project.


For me personally it was an amazing journey where Rishii and Akash brought out the best in me. Compared to the previous performances I did at the Y, this was more challenging, in a positive way and forced me to step out of my comfort zone. It was technically more demanding and I had to go deeper within myself.  There was a surreal energy between the three of us, fusing all our passions together and we had fun. This was a very innovative piece that we created ourselves and for me it was the first time I collaborated with other artistes. I walked away feeling very creatively inspired. There is a video of the performance to follow in the next few weeks; I will also post the poems I performed.   Rishii Chowdhury and Akash Parekh lets continue on this journey and see where it takes us, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Om shanti

Friday, 7 June 2013

Back at The Y as a triple act!

I will be back at The Y in Leicester for the third time on Thursday June 20th at 7:30pm. This time not only will I be performing brand new material, I will also be introducing a collaborative project I have been working on, with two up and coming Indian classical musicians, Akash Parekh on Sitar and Rishii Chowdhury on Tabla. The three of us have formed together and called ourselves "Mayapee and the Half Moon Circle Nuts".  In October last year I put a couple of posts on my blog about this talented duo and it is a privilege to be working with them .

Akash and Rishii have worked with various different artistes and between them have training in Indian Classical music and Western music. With the diverse knowledge the three of us bring to the table, we thought it would be very exciting to work together.

The title of our piece is called " Burning a Dream" which explores the issue of bullying through poetry and Indian classical music. The raga's ( compositions) chosen for my poems fit the mood of the subject that is being tackled.

There is an exciting line up of other emerging artistes. For more details and to see an extract of our work please click on the link below.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Own definition of a CRITIC.

This post is very random and I have literally only just thought of it, so feel I must get it down. I am a strong believer in constructive, positive feedback, however there are some people who are just plain negative about anything and everyone. I draw the line at accepting criticism from say my Writers Group who are very experienced and knowledgeable. However when you get people who have barely read any books, never put pen to paper, never mind written a bestseller or stood up and performed in front of someone, that is where you have to question these so called critics. This is how I sum them up;

Cynical about everyone.
Resents anyone else's progress.
Invalidates someone for own self worth.
Trespasses on innovation.
Insecure about themselves.
Causes controversy for the sake of it.

How many of you have come across someone like this?