Monday, 4 March 2013

I Have Not Gone Quiet!!

Apologies to my followers and readers who have not heard from my blog for a while. Things have been very, very manic. This does not mean I have not had anything to say, the opposite in fact. For those of you who are also my facebook friends, you will see that I have been ranting about a certain topic a lot lately. Whether it is with Criminal or Family law or the benefits system, our government seems to get confused between who the victims in society really are. I have composed the following poem to make my point on this matter:

Who is the victim?

Toiling away at the grind,
gasping for breath,
no time to sip water.
The sleepless nights,
You are not a victim!

Smoke money away,
Drown in cheap cider,
sponge from the state,
what is a days graft?
You are a victim!

Protect your own
and your property,
from intrusion or theft,
you are still not the victim.
The one who robbed you is!

Our money flushed away,
for the wrong cause.
Reform of the ridiculous,
Forcing revival of a jackass!
In the name of equality!

Who is the victim?
Who is the perpetrator?
Who is the down trodden?
Who does the treading?
No political priority, a shambolic society!

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