Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day Special

As today is Valentines day I thought to myself what a good day to experiment with romance. Not for myself, with my writing. I do not normally put much of my fiction on my blog but today when I searched through my library of romantic flash fiction I stumbled upon this short story I wrote years ago. Being single people often try to fix you up on blind dates and feel there is something wrong if you do not conform to what is normal. This is the angle my story is coming from. I read it out at the Writers Group a while back and have given it an edit since then. Digging an old story out has also showed me how my writing has changed over the years.
 Here it is I hope my readers will enjoy it and think before fixing anybody up on a blind date!

Double Blind.  
 The déjà vous of childhood. The classic geeky friend and gorgeous friend scenario.   I was the bookish studious one, never interested in relationships.  Sharmaine  was never without a man. She could get them easily as her striking good looks got her far as a model. Sharmaine wanted me to also settle down and meet someone. She was always fixing me up on blind dates. The always ended in disaster . I was hoping it was now an abandoned mission.
No such luck. Sharmaine had invited someone on a night out while she got frisky with her latest beau. He was a model like Sharmaine and they were also parading magazine pictures where they posed together. Anyway I was more interested in the other tag along she brought. I looked closer and it was Benjamin Whimsickle, one of our childhood friends.     Like me, he  always had his nose in a book and never any time for relationships. Then again with a surname like Whimsickle I’m sure it must have been difficult. He shortened it to Ben of course but that did not prevent the  innuendos.     He had changed beyond recognition since our school days. He was gorgeous. The big glasses were gone; he now had stylish choppy hair cut and wore fashionable clothes. He would not look out of place in the magazines that Romeo and Juliet were parading.  I doubt I will complain if this is a blind date.    Unlike before we both agreed, the endless smooching was getting nauseating so he suggested:
“I feel like an early night Tweesah, I could walk you home too”
I was relived to get away from Sharmaine and lover boy but feared early night meant early night, nothing more.   
As he walked me home I could no longer hold back and I made a move on Ben. He was certainly no geek in the bedroom.
After all the physical activity I needed a glass of water. Sharmaine's boyfriend was in the kitchen and tried to kiss me. I poured the water on him and slapped him across the face. 
“You are my best friends’ boyfriend”, I screamed
He laughed
“Oh ok so she’s told you I’m her boyfriend”
He eventually got the message and backed off the slipped a card in my hand.
“Well if you change your mind”
The business card read model/escort.
Shock horror I had to read it twice that it actually said escort on it.
When Sharmaine came into the kitchen I did not say anything and poured her a drink and proposed a toast.
“What are we drinking to?”, she asked
“To double blind dates”, she laughed

She knew what I meant as the business card was still lying on the table. Sharmaine thought I did not notice her looking at it from the corner of her eye.   How the tables had turned since child hood. Gorgeous the model fighting the men off. Tonight not only did I pull, but got hit on too. Maybe I should think about fixing Sharmaine up on a blind date. 


  1. Hi Maya, I'd like to nominate you for a Leibster Award. I know you have a lot on your plate but if you're interested in giving it a go you can find all the details on my blog:

    1. Hi Sally, thank you for the nomination yes I am interesting in taking part and will check this out.