Tuesday, 5 February 2013

f****** Bureacracy

Something I talked about a few posts back, when I mentioned I am approaching my fifth year of my legal battle . In the time I have been fighting my legal battle I have also seen many cases of  people around me suffer as a result of wrong decisions taken by those in power. I feel when parents split up with children involved,  those in power play god with a child's life and as a result have made some very costly mistakes. 

Even though the authorities have evidence in front of them of harm that can be done to children, they wait for an incident to happen and apologize afterwards. What is the point when a life is already lost?  The greatest fear I have is that Nishka could end up being a statistic , like the other children who have lost their lives as a result of negligence on the part of the courts, social services etc. The following poem is really a mother expressing her fear for a child's safety.

What do you care?
You stumble when you say her name,
do not know her inner being,
but play god with her life,
stripping away her rights.

A child is a human,
and can see the world as it is.
it is not your flesh and blood
what do you care?

As long as you make the numbers,
receive your income
and your papers are neat,
Aftermath is no cost to you.

Open your eyes,
before a child takes their first step
they loose their life.
You have blood on your hands.

Saying we need reform,
but will not listen,
to a child's cry,
or a mothers wisdom.

You misuse your power,
how do you sleep at night?
You are the cause,
of child mortality. 

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