Saturday, 26 January 2013

Topical Poetry With a Twist!

Last weekend I took to the stage again and performed my poetry in front of an Assamese audience, for the Magh Bihu ( Assamese Harvest Festival) celebrations. I decided to step out of my comfort zone completely by making a very controversial issue the subject of one of  my poems, the recent rape situation in India.

It was very well received and as a result of requests that have been sent to my facebook page,  I have decided to post the poem on my blog. I performed the piece using the instrumental version of Madonna's " American Life". Madonna raised controversy with the video and tour performance of this song and  I felt it would be appropriate to have this as my backing track.


Just a normal day,
then attacked,
in a violent,
brutal, torturous way!
Everyone stood back!

A sadistic act,
Did you feel all man?
She could be,
your mother,
your sister,
your daughter.

Shedding blood from her body,
you mutilated her organs,
piercing her soul.
The death penalty is pointless,
You are already dead.

Take responsibility,
do not blame the woman,
or her attire,
How would you know the pain?

It is now unsafe,
to walk the streets,
to feed or shelter,
a starving child.
The child maybe
forever departed,
from their mother.

People in power!
What are you doing?
Letting this tragedy happen.
If it was your blood,
how would you feel?

The country is progressing,
with beauty parlours,
shopping malls,
flashing cash,
talking big.
That is cheap and easy.

Take action,
it is not the first time.
By all means,
raise your voice,
but do it,
for the right cause. 

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  1. Well done. This is an important issue and you are brave to tackle it head on.