Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Character Building Start to The New Year

Within the first few days  of the year  my strength of character has already been tested. I have decided to break my silence and put some more candid posts on my blog. Throughout my 2012 blog posts  I only scratched the surface on certain issues I feel strongly about, mainly my ongoing legal battle with my ex. I am now approaching my fifth year of fighting this battle and am I taking  a stand that I am proud of. This experience has shaped my output of writing but I have always made it my personal catharsis. I now feel the time has come to go public about my inner turmoil.  This is not just my legal battle but there are many women in similar positions to me, who's voices are not being heard and these so called authorities are playing games with the lives of children. In this following poem I am really giving a  short introduction of a fathers relationship with his daughter in her infant years, where the need for paying back an ex takes over a child's needs.

Nowhere To Be Found.

When she goes to sleep at night,
tucked up in bed,
you are nowhere to be found.
As you sip your cheap cider,
plot your next vendetta,
do you care if she has been fed?

You assert your rights,
but do not have a clue,
a heart of stone,
Do you know how to love?
When she took her first crawl,
you were nowhere to be found.

I lifted her when she fell,
dried the tears from her eyes,
helped her stand tall.
My unconditional sacrifices
of my own sleep and nourishment
this is called real love.

An agenda of vengeance,
she can see it in your eyes.
You may fool those in power,
but she can sense your insincerity.
The girl will grow into a woman,
as you remain nowhere to be found.

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