Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Real Life Yummy Mummy Photo Shoot.

All these gossip magazines are full of praise for how amazing people like Victoria Beckham look. People forget about the full entourage of nannies, make up artistes etc that she has. They say every picture tells a story and so far all my blog profile pictures have done this.

 This recent picture was taken by a talented photographer friend of mine, Tony Lyons who I mentioned a few posts back. I raided my ever expanding wardrobe and chose all the outfits myself and did my own hair and make up. This was along with making breakfast for and getting a four and a half year old ready to drop off at childminders. I certainly was not chauffeur driven. After I dropped Nishka off at Childminders I went to the Writers Group then made my way to Tony's for the photo shoot.

The photo shoot itself was fun, creative and collaborative. I am not a natural poser and actually do not like having my picture taken but Tony put me at ease. Also I do not like smiling when I am forced to and like to look natural without looking too miserable. I feel Tony and I got the balance right with looking natural but not miserable.

Despite the mania beforehand I feel I looked pretty good during the photo shoot without the entourage of Victoria Beckam. I feel more of us real life yummy mummies deserve credit for been even to multi task the way we do. I'm on a learning curve on my journey as a single working mother but I feel often along with many of friends,  us mums do not credit ourselves enough. After working a full day, looking after a child alone and dealing with an ongoing legal battle many of us non celebrity mums feel far from beautiful or sexy. I am not just going to give Tony a pat on the back for a beautiful set of photographs I feel I deserve a pat on the back too.


  1. Lovely! Tony has done a great job... ;-)

    1. Hi Maria. Apologies for the delay in getting in touch this week. Hopefully you will get to meet Tony at The Y Theatre next week. x