Sunday, 7 October 2012


This week has been a very testing week for me with the obstacles I have faced. It may sound corny and even clichéd but among the turmoil I have also seen some light and put my thoughts on paper, by composing the following poem. This poem works at two levels for me. The feedback I have received about my poetry at the writers group is that maybe I need to trim the rhyme and really get to the core of the emotions. Unlike my usual rhyming poems I have started experimenting with a prose poetry style. This poem has also been like catharsis for me. Here goes.

The Light Within Turmoil.

Acted in haste,

Repent a life sentence.

Not just at leisure

I live and breath the karma.

Although I have broken the chains

I am still held prisoner

of the cruel torture chamber.

Trying to break the wings I found.

Consuming my mind, body and soul

eating away the goodness.

Gripping so tight I cannot breath,

Passive suffocation

away from the darkness of the dungeon.

I now hold the key

and nobody can touch me.

It causes pain

That I am not held captive

Inside the cage.

Going insane

with an unfulfilled mission,

of obsessive vendetta.

Trying to break me at a distance

Crumbling down on my knees.

This bird has strong wings

and will keep flying high.

In captive I did not break

and walked away standing tall

cutting the rope of suffocation.

I cannot be harmed at distance.

The light of an angel

Set me free,

from the darkness of the dungeon.

This light fuels my inner fight.


  1. This is amazing Maya and I know and somewhat understand the pain that you feel my lovely. x x x

    1. Thank you Andli for your comment. I knew you would relate to this poem. xxx