Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Another Fitting Task.

I feel maybe this months Writers Group chairperson is reading my mind. For the second week in a row the task set has been very close to home for me.  This week we were asked to produce a 200 words piece ( choice of flash fiction, poetry, start of a longer piece etc) which had to include the phrase " I'm about to find out". I could not actually attend this week but found the task very stimulating and once again cathartic, this is my take on the piece:

I'm About To Find Out.

I'm about to find out:
If my prayers have been answered,
the course of my destiny,
Which way will the ship steer?
Are my beliefs a farce?

Seasons are of no consequence,
the cold and grey winters,
the hot and sticky summers,
always a morbid day.

The clock keeps ticking,
to the beat of my heart racing,
an hour takes up a lifetime,
I will grow old in this place.

On first names terms with them all,
four walls ingrained within me,
a hyped up bazaar,
full of sorrow.

Some mothers cradling infants,
the tears in their eyes,
the fears in their hearts,
looking so lost.

Usual morning tea cannot sustain me,
everything tastes sour,
my stomach is churning,
I cannot relish a morsel.

My name is called out,
the long awaited verdict,
of my little ones future.

Sickened how they play god,
to my flesh and blood
like she is not mine.

I carried her inside me,
within a battlefield,
she entered the world.
these common ignorant peasants
decide her future.

A prolonged conclusion
Inside screaming please be over!
Drained and rung out
all I long for now, is hibernation.

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