Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Music- The Breath of Life

As Nishka is getting older and more energetic I have found the perfect way to keep her occupied, something I would recommend to all parents. Nishka has taken up music and has started learning to play Tabla (Indian drums). This however is no ordinary music lesson, it is in in the style of "yotabla" which a fusion of tabla and yoga. This unique style has been created by Rishi Chowdhury a renowned performer and teacher of tabla, who also happens to be my brother and Nishka's uncle. This post is really an introduction to the next post where Rishi will be making a guest appearance and explaining more about "yotabla" and how it benefits young children. From a parental point of view I can say it is a brilliant concept that marries two holistic disciplines together.
Tabla or yoga alone provide many emotional and spiritual benefits, why not bring the two together. For children especially there is the coordination and concentration aspect of tabla and the calming and physical benefits of yoga. As I said in the last post Nishka has now started school and I feel this is the perfect time to introduce these disciplines.
In my own experience I have found that it can be difficult to get children to sit still and concentrate for long periods of time. This can often hinder the benefits of music lessons. Break the lessons down with yoga and I am sure Rishi will tell you the benefits he has observed with his own students. My own initial observations of Nishka are she seems calmer and sleeps better at night.
Having a calm and happy child has a positive knock on effect for parents too. If there are any parents out there looking to calm down their hyperactive kids who refuse to sit still, keep a look out for the next blog post, where Rishi will be appearing as a guest blogger to go deeper into "yotabla".

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