Saturday, 8 September 2012

A New Journey

My little one is not such a little one anymore, Nishka has now started school. The run up has been occupied with uniform shopping and home visits, while still juggling other commitments, writing especially. As the big day dawned closer certain emotions got conjured up in me, resulting in  the following poem of the same title as the post:

A New Journey

It is hard for me to perceive
A child I once could not conceive,
Is now all grown
and stepping into the world alone.

I had my fears
over the last few years
trials and tribulations out of the blue,
but we got through.

Of what she had to endure
has made her mature,
This journey is an easy ride
In comparison to the high tide.

She has already done me proud
and stood out from the crowd.
Made of stern stuff
when times have been tough.

A trait I never had
of this strength in her I am glad.
For this journey she is ready
but life is not steady.

She keeps me strong
when things go wrong.
But the world is a cruel place
How will she run the race.

She is human after all
And we all take a fall.
But each and every endeavour
we will face together.


  1. A very honest, and emotional poem. Thought provoking too, I wish your daughter the very best on her journey.

    1. Thank you Maria. It has been an emotional week, my poems about Nishka tend to be very sentimental. That is why I think I may struggle to read them out at the writer's Group in case I burst into tears.

  2. Perhaps best not to bring them too often then otherwise we will have to have a huge box of tissues at the ready. :-)