Monday, 27 August 2012

The Irony of Virginity.

I have treated the last three posts as a kind of Madonna trilogy and this is the third and final part. Obviously not the final part indefinitely as what kind of fan would that make me. My own mentor Maria Smith inspired this post based on the comments we exchanged about the previous one. The youtube footage I have used is from when Johnathan Ross interviewed Madonna in 1992 during the  controversy over the Erotica album and Sex Book. When you watch this interview, Madonna actually delves into the creative thought process behind these pieces of work that caused so much hype. People are quick to brand Madonna as blasphemous and perverted but you need a certain level of intelligence to understand the irony behind the messages conveyed. The sex book is actually a collection of short stories and Madonna happens to be playing the character.
 Even the song "Like a Virgin" can be looked at from different angles. There is the most obvious one of losing your virginity. Look deeper it can also be about doing something for the first time. When I went to the writers group for the first time I also felt "Like a Virgin". Reading your writing in front of then strangers is like getting undressed. I felt nervous at first and could not let myself go. When I finally got undressed it felt so good inside. I am sure Maria and Keith will vouch for this. Nowadays at the writers group I have no problems with getting my kit off and am getting more intimate by revealing more!   Cynics interpret that how you wish! I  am  sure if people read just this  paragraph alone of my post  and the title  I would also be branded as some sort of sex crazed nymphomaniac.
  Madonna said it herself later on in this interview, that if being provocative was all she was about she would not last this long. This was back in 1992 and nineteen years on she is still around. If people looked at Madonna with their brains rather than their sexual organs they would get the irony.

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