Sunday, 19 August 2012

Leave my idol alone!

My blog has been up and running for about four months now. Being a hardcore Madonna fan I feel on my part, it is very rude that this is only the second post I have done. However I can make up for it and I feel this post is a must. I have been following Madonna's MDNA tour and have been rather annoyed at the bad press my idol has been getting. Elton John has made comments that her career is over. If that is the case how do tickets for Madonna's concerts sell out so quickly.

The cynics out there are always quick to pick on negatives and critisise people, but do not want to acknowledge the positives. Madonna is fifty plus and in her shows she sings, acts, dances and plays guitar. If anyone has ever seen the documentaries In Bed with Madonna and I'm Going To tell You A Secret, Madonna is very much at the forefront of the creative process of actually putting her shows together. People just want to critisise but fail to even acknowledge all these finer points. Madonna does nothing by halves, she looks amazing. Even her fitness regime is part of her tour preparation.

It is true Madonna does give out some strong massages in her shows. As I said in the previous post Art is a way of expressing yourself. The resentment of Catholicism seems to be a reoccurring theme for Madonna but clearly she has a lot of purging to do around this particular issue. I totally agree " Express yourself. don't repress yourself". Madonna has been slated for turning her shows into a political convention. However it takes people of Madonna's calibre to raise awareness of issues. Flashing her nipples in a Muslim country, there is a strong message in that. People are just stuck in their narrow minded, primitive views which is why the Madonna's of the world are not popular, as they are prepared to challenge these.

Where Madonna's comtempories and younger have burnt out or been one hit wonders  Madonna has proved her longevity. This has not happened by luck but her cast iron discipline.  I can easily see Madonna touring till she is a hundred, so get over prejudices and stop bad mouthing her. Even if Madonna chose to retire, the musical history she has made will continue forever, she will always be the queen, critics accept that fact and leave my idol alone!


  1. There is a message in everything she does...if you look deeply enough. Good post.

    1. Thank you Maria glad our thinking is on the same wave length. The thing is many people are not deep enough to see beyond their prejudices to even see the messeges Madonna is trying to portray. There is an inteview Madonna did in 1990 focusing on this point. Should I put it up as the next post. Lol I feel like changing my blog to mummymadonnamondays.

  2. She has allegedly mimed at some gigs and appeared on stage for short amounts of time. I wasn't there and sadly the media enjoy taking potshots at these icons. People only see the 'front end' if you pardon the expression. There is more to this lady than any of us really know.

    She changed the face of the female vocalist in contemporary music, reinvented herself successfully over and over again well before Kylie and her early music and videos were ground breaking. Madonna knows how to stretch the boundaries, be controversial and pull it off. La Isla Bonita was her first song to have a Spanish theme to it. Timeless - my favourite. Good job Micheal Jackson didn't take up the offer to do it. Definitely a good reworking by Madonna and Patrick Leonard. From a writer's perspective a fascinating contrast in the lyrics of two opposite characters.

    Interesting comment from Elton John whose voice has well and truly gone. Saturday Night's Alright for Croaking. Say no more.

    1. Maya, I do hope you don't mind if I reply to Keith,

      I am cracking up! Poor old Elton...however, i do agree La Isla Bonita is a fabulous song. I have too many favourites.

      I think what I like best about Madonna is her ability to change her appearance and style.

      I wish she would do more acting, I thought she gave a stunning performance in Evita...and she nailed that song, Don't Cry For Me Argentina. Hauntingly beautiful. What do you think Maya? Keith?

  3. She should stretch the acting, not the directing. The latter is not her field in my opinion, she should get out in front of the camera with a good script and testing role.

  4. I would like to see Madge in a remake of Gone With the Wind. Viviene Leigh did a good job playing Scarlett O' Hara, but I think it's a role Madonna could take, and make her own.

    Unsure who I would cast as Rhett Butler though?