Friday, 10 August 2012

Freedom of expression

In my profile I said I am mad about Madonna. That is an understatement! I could easily dedicate my whole blog to this woman who I really admire and look up to as a role model. The speech Madonna made when the Vatican tried to ban her  show in 1990, has more meaning to me now more than ever. When I heard it for the first time during Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour I thought " wow what a woman standing up for what she believes in".  As I have got older and experimented within my own art this speech has such a profound meaning to me personally.

Not at quite a high profile level, but I have been in a similar position to my idol when I was asked to censor my poem during a local recital. During the rehearsal there was one stanza that some people perceived could cause offence to some of the audience.  I was asked to edit that stanza or choose a poem that was less controversial. The other option would have been to not perform at all.  All my writing is pretty controversial, as I guess I am trying to push peoples buttons and bring to the forefront issues that people are afraid to talk about.  I also write to express my emotions and asking me to tone this down   is a censorship of my art, taking away what is in my heart and a cap on my freedom of thought and artistic expression. It felt like the poem was not mine anymore and changing just that one stanza changed the meaning of the poem.  Watch this speech closely  as it portrays the message that I am also trying to put across in my own writing.

This speech also conveys how I personally felt when I was asked to change my writing because of the "potential" offence that could be caused. I am in agreement with my idol, censorship leads to imprisonment of thoughts. When I watch this speech now I actually feel like Madonna is talking to me and giving out the message  do not compromise on your freedom of thought and artistic expression. Anyway I could go on praising Madonna forever but I will save that for another post! Watch and enjoy this speech with " an open heart and open mind".

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  1. I agree if you feel strongly about something, then go ahead and keep it in your writing. Or say it.

    Sadly, though I think things have got far worse about being 'politically correct', especially when it comes to colour, gender, sexual orientation etc

    We are in the unfortunate position sometimes when we are 'muzzled' and not allowed to say what we truly want to...

    We have very recently had this situation at the writing group.

    By the way, Madonna rocks!