Monday, 27 August 2012

The Irony of Virginity.

I have treated the last three posts as a kind of Madonna trilogy and this is the third and final part. Obviously not the final part indefinitely as what kind of fan would that make me. My own mentor Maria Smith inspired this post based on the comments we exchanged about the previous one. The youtube footage I have used is from when Johnathan Ross interviewed Madonna in 1992 during the  controversy over the Erotica album and Sex Book. When you watch this interview, Madonna actually delves into the creative thought process behind these pieces of work that caused so much hype. People are quick to brand Madonna as blasphemous and perverted but you need a certain level of intelligence to understand the irony behind the messages conveyed. The sex book is actually a collection of short stories and Madonna happens to be playing the character.
 Even the song "Like a Virgin" can be looked at from different angles. There is the most obvious one of losing your virginity. Look deeper it can also be about doing something for the first time. When I went to the writers group for the first time I also felt "Like a Virgin". Reading your writing in front of then strangers is like getting undressed. I felt nervous at first and could not let myself go. When I finally got undressed it felt so good inside. I am sure Maria and Keith will vouch for this. Nowadays at the writers group I have no problems with getting my kit off and am getting more intimate by revealing more!   Cynics interpret that how you wish! I  am  sure if people read just this  paragraph alone of my post  and the title  I would also be branded as some sort of sex crazed nymphomaniac.
  Madonna said it herself later on in this interview, that if being provocative was all she was about she would not last this long. This was back in 1992 and nineteen years on she is still around. If people looked at Madonna with their brains rather than their sexual organs they would get the irony.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Leave my idol alone!

My blog has been up and running for about four months now. Being a hardcore Madonna fan I feel on my part, it is very rude that this is only the second post I have done. However I can make up for it and I feel this post is a must. I have been following Madonna's MDNA tour and have been rather annoyed at the bad press my idol has been getting. Elton John has made comments that her career is over. If that is the case how do tickets for Madonna's concerts sell out so quickly.

The cynics out there are always quick to pick on negatives and critisise people, but do not want to acknowledge the positives. Madonna is fifty plus and in her shows she sings, acts, dances and plays guitar. If anyone has ever seen the documentaries In Bed with Madonna and I'm Going To tell You A Secret, Madonna is very much at the forefront of the creative process of actually putting her shows together. People just want to critisise but fail to even acknowledge all these finer points. Madonna does nothing by halves, she looks amazing. Even her fitness regime is part of her tour preparation.

It is true Madonna does give out some strong massages in her shows. As I said in the previous post Art is a way of expressing yourself. The resentment of Catholicism seems to be a reoccurring theme for Madonna but clearly she has a lot of purging to do around this particular issue. I totally agree " Express yourself. don't repress yourself". Madonna has been slated for turning her shows into a political convention. However it takes people of Madonna's calibre to raise awareness of issues. Flashing her nipples in a Muslim country, there is a strong message in that. People are just stuck in their narrow minded, primitive views which is why the Madonna's of the world are not popular, as they are prepared to challenge these.

Where Madonna's comtempories and younger have burnt out or been one hit wonders  Madonna has proved her longevity. This has not happened by luck but her cast iron discipline.  I can easily see Madonna touring till she is a hundred, so get over prejudices and stop bad mouthing her. Even if Madonna chose to retire, the musical history she has made will continue forever, she will always be the queen, critics accept that fact and leave my idol alone!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Freedom of expression

In my profile I said I am mad about Madonna. That is an understatement! I could easily dedicate my whole blog to this woman who I really admire and look up to as a role model. The speech Madonna made when the Vatican tried to ban her  show in 1990, has more meaning to me now more than ever. When I heard it for the first time during Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour I thought " wow what a woman standing up for what she believes in".  As I have got older and experimented within my own art this speech has such a profound meaning to me personally.

Not at quite a high profile level, but I have been in a similar position to my idol when I was asked to censor my poem during a local recital. During the rehearsal there was one stanza that some people perceived could cause offence to some of the audience.  I was asked to edit that stanza or choose a poem that was less controversial. The other option would have been to not perform at all.  All my writing is pretty controversial, as I guess I am trying to push peoples buttons and bring to the forefront issues that people are afraid to talk about.  I also write to express my emotions and asking me to tone this down   is a censorship of my art, taking away what is in my heart and a cap on my freedom of thought and artistic expression. It felt like the poem was not mine anymore and changing just that one stanza changed the meaning of the poem.  Watch this speech closely  as it portrays the message that I am also trying to put across in my own writing.

This speech also conveys how I personally felt when I was asked to change my writing because of the "potential" offence that could be caused. I am in agreement with my idol, censorship leads to imprisonment of thoughts. When I watch this speech now I actually feel like Madonna is talking to me and giving out the message  do not compromise on your freedom of thought and artistic expression. Anyway I could go on praising Madonna forever but I will save that for another post! Watch and enjoy this speech with " an open heart and open mind".

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Two faced!

I have had a funny sort of week which has made me question the human race. My thoughts have sparked off the following free verse poem;

Which face are you wearing today?

The face you put on for me;
The guise of friendship,
the free advice,
a fake smile
illusion of a confidant.

Face to the world;
assassinations on my character,
the daggers in my back,
all flaws under scrutiny
watched under a microscope.

The ugly face;
You are too fat
you are too skinny
your house is too small
You do not earn enough money.

My face;
I am true to myself
a free spirit
make up illuminates my face
and does not mask a lie!