Friday, 20 July 2012

Pregnant Pause

I am very delighted to hear about the pregnancy news of a close friend, as well as many other friends in my age group. As a mother of one it is an honour that I am being looked at as a pregnancy  mentor/Doula. With this role I have been asked some very vital questions. Some of them the common ones. What is the best cure for morning sickness?Will I get my figure back? Does breastfeeding give you saggy boobs?

In the title of this post I am literally trying to say "you are pregnant now pause". The in laws and great grannies may fill you with all the myths and old wives tales. Do not eat this, do not do that, have lots of bed rest. Until I got pregnant myself I also took these myths on board. My own pregnancy certainly did not go as planned.

The typical myth pregnant women are fed is  avoid stress and if you live in India lots of bed rest. These two were not an option for me. I was working full time with a thirty mile commute to work everyday and studying for a postgraduate degree. The thirty mile commute continued three weeks before I gave birth, till literally my bump was jammed in the steering wheel. During some of my pregnancy I felt radiant and energised and even got some of my best writing done.

Before I gave birth I was hospitalised for over a week but this was not a problem as I had an abundant supply of writing pads and pens. A maternity ward can certainly spark off inspiration. At week thirty nine I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

My main piece of advice to my friends is enjoy the pregnancy and follow your own maternal gut instinct. Do not be swayed by the influence of over bearing in laws who often instill fear in you. If you want to eat cake just eat it and having a baby actually helps your figure. I will explore this point further when my friends have given birth. For now happy pregnancy, eat, drink and be merry.(if your hormones want to be merry)

Monday, 2 July 2012

Gratitude part 2.

I have located a poem I wrote last year, which I feel makes a fitting continuation of the point I was trying to make in my last post. This is the first time I have posted one of my  poems on my blog, bit of an experiment. Here it goes;

B******* To The Norm.

You may feel you are on the shelf,
At least you are true to yourself.
It is hard to find
Someone with a like mind.

Life is good, bad and ugly,
With tragedy and comedy.
A true soul mate
Is worth the wait.

Why settle for less?
And end up a mess.
Seems like the done thing,
the misery it can bring.

Why run into a storm?
Just to satisfy the norm.
Ending up a bore
who do you live for?