Saturday, 16 June 2012

Run up to the Big Toddle charity event.

A slight disappointment that I am unable to attend the writers group this Saturday but I will certainly be keeping occupied . I have earmarked myself as my daughter's personal trainer this weekend. To raise money for the children's charity Barnado's, the children at my daughter's nursery will be participating in  "The Big Toddle". This involves walking a few laps around the nursery car park wearing  a Superhero outfit ( girls have the option of a princess outfit). Barnado's is a charity that helps vulnerable children. Nurseries and pre- schools across the UK will be taking part in this event to raise money to help these children.  More information can be found at
 I have been advised by the nursery to take my daughter on long walks this weekend and keep her active in preparation for the event. The weather has been a let down but this has not curtailed preparations and my daughter is certainly taking it very seriously. We have tried to get out for walks where possible. When the weather has been too much of a let down my daughter has taken the initiative to ride her bike indoors and joined me for yoga sessions.
The event will be taking place on Wednesday 20th June, hoping to raise lots of money for a very worthwhile cause.

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