Sunday, 10 June 2012

Picture Perfect Bank Holiday.

The  long weekend just gone was both enjoyable and productive. I could really get use to working just two days.On Sunday I felt like a celeb yummy mummy when my daughter and I met up with my friend and talented photographer, Tony Lyons. I keep meaning to get some up to date pictures for the blog and Tony was more than happy to help.  I viewed samples of Tony's work before and was really impressed and thought he would be perfect. The new profile picture was actually taken at work when Tony did a photography workshop for Learning at Work Day. A very popular photographer in demand on that day.

I am not a natural poser and really do not like having my picture taken but Tony really put me at ease. An extra challenge was also keeping a very active four year old entertained and well behaved. Madam turned out to be a photographers apprentice when she was given a small camera to play around with. The photo shoot was fun and creative experimenting with different poses and switching between colour and black and white. I still feel nothing beats a good old fashioned black and white photograph.

After the photo shoot we looked at other pictures Tony had taken, over an amazing cup of filter coffee.. I was impressed how he made a five foot two model look nearly six foot. In my  pictures  I even look taller and have a kind of celeb yummy mummy look,  no airbrushing in sight, I promise.

Overall a busy, creative and enjoyable weekend, even on the writing front.  An artistic match made in heaven, looking forward to the next photo shoot. Watch this space!

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