Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Gratitude for my Mummy Manic Mondays

Towards the end of my last post I said I feel blessed with being granted the gift of motherhood. I am feeling inspired to expand on this further.

Even though we are living in the twenty first century, society seems to think you are only classed as normal if you are married and have children and do it in a certain order by a certain age. If that is a measure of normality I am proud I am not normal. The way my life has worked out may seem unconventional, not  normal etc etc. I would not have it any other way.

 I may not be married anymore but I am proud to say even though life is tough, I live with my heart. I wake up in the morning and see my daughters smiling face. When I go to bed at night I see her sweet little face. A child is the most honest person to live with. If I look shit Nishka will often tell me and not mean it with malice.

 My life without a husband means unlike many relationship's and marriages out there, I am not worrying that my other half is cheating on me. If I want to indulge my passion for clothes I can do it without justifying it to anyone. I am in charge of my own destiny. Yes I have to think about Nishka but we actually make a very good team and she is often more mature than any man I have ever dated.

I do not look at my marriage or past relationships as failures I look at them as lucky escapes and life defining moments. I would rather be on my own and happy living a life where I am true to myself, rather than a toxic existence that society deems as normal.
I hope anyone reading this post will feel that living life by a tick list does not mean you will be happy, live with your heart guided by your own principles.

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  1. Well said, and with strength from someone I suspect who has been through troubled waters, and swam to the other side battered and bruised, and gasping for breath.

    Life is always what you make of it. Sometimes we stumble, but you have definitely pulled yourself up, dusted yourself down and got to a good place by the sounds of it... :-)