Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Eve of The Big Toddle Event.

All set for the Big Toddle event tomorrow. Even though the weather was hit and miss on Sunday, Nishka and I did fit in some practise at Knighton Park, Leicester during the sporadic dry spells. Nishka alternated between walking, skipping and jogging and has indicated this will be her game plan on the day. I have also treated her to a princess style headband to match her princess dress.

As I am writing this post madam is tucked up in bed getting a good nights sleep ready for the big day. Princess dress, trainers, water bottle etc are all set too, now lets pray for some good weather. My brother Rishi will form part of the cheering squad, routing for his niece to complete as many laps as possible and raise lots of money for Barnado's Children's charity.

Wishing Nishka all the best , I am sure she will do us all proud.


  1. Best wishes to Nishka! :-) lets hope the sun shines for her...

  2. Homework done, strategy organised. Go for it!