Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Big Day.

Today started off on a positive note, the smoothest nursery run in a while. Nishka got up in a happy  and positive mood. I had her bag packed the night before but she still checked that I packed her sun hat, as the weather was really good. Madam was very cooperative and took the sensible option of wearing her trainers from home rather than her usual sandals. I planned ahead and packed Nishka's trainers in her bag thinking she would not wear them until she got to nursery.

I could not get the morning off work so my brother Rishi was my representative today. It was impossible to concentrate on work, I kept texting Rishi for updates. The event started at 10am and finished  at 11am, the children completed twenty laps around the nursery car park. They did have small breaks in between for what Rishi described as some delicious looking biscuits and fruit squash.

The picture is of Nishka with her medal, she also received a certificate. A very proud mother moment for me today and all for such a good cause. A big thank you to Rishi for supporting Nishka today and for taking some amazing pictures  that can be viewed on facebook.

I know in previous posts I have ranted but I honestly do cherish the gift of motherhood that I have been granted with. It is moments like this that make the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile and I do feel blessed.

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  1. What a lovely picture, your little girl looks very proud of her success, and I imagine she slept well too!