Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Workshop week-Hectic run up but all came together on the day

Last week was certainly a manic week with the lead up to the Phoenix Writers Group Workshop. With my mentor and co pilot Maria we lead a session which involved preparation during the week and phone calls which I like to call editorial meetings.

Of course in true mummy manic Mondays fashion the workshop was not the only thing I had to juggle. At the start of the week I had to fit in a consultation with my solicitor and read over my ex's statement for court. Going through the repetitive character assassinations is certainly no fun. At the end of the week there was my daughters parents evening which was a moment of pride for me as a mother.

By Friday I was feeling calm, relaxed and buzzing about the workshop. I was extra pleased that my daughter and I even found time to put her new bedroom together.

Getting closer to the workshop I ran into an obstacle. A horrible eye infection, conjunctivitis. I kept calm and just had an early. I tried very hard to hide it from Maria but she noticed on the phone that I sounded quite nasally.

The day of the workshop arrived, I looked dreadful like I had been in a fight. Just the short drive from Oadby to Wigston dropping my daughter off at child minders was a struggle. I took the bus into town.

I never thought I would say this as an ex driving phobe but I really missed my car on Saturday. At times it felt like I would never make it to the Phoenix. I made it and felt relieved when I got there.

The day seemed to just fly by. Keith Morley who presented the first session about characters set a very high standard with a very enjoyable and informative workshop. After coffee break Maria and I were on. I am positive I speak for Maria too, it was a pleasure presenting this session. The only worry we had was finishing too early.

My eye was in pain for the whole day and I even nearly resorted to an eye patch at one point. It was even advised that I leave early, but I was having way too much fun.

I really had fun with the fictitious character I created, Marsha Mindful. She started off as just a spinster with a colourful past. When I got my writing buddies Maria and Mark to do some harsh editing the story took a different turn. It turned into a lesbian vampire story with the creation of another character, Dirty Dothan, Queen of Faye, created by Maria.

It turned out to be a winning formula, when the winners were announced it was a tie break between the Dothan story and Keith's story. When put to the public vote again it was a tie so we shared the prize.( I may put this story on the blog at some point)

The hectic run up and the pain in my eye was all worth it as it really did all come together on the day. I'm still on such a high from that day. It was my first workshop and I am relatively new to the group but in the space of just a few months I have gained so much. My writing has certainly gone to another level even I am intrigued by what I can do with Marsha Mindful and Dirty Dothan.


  1. You did a fabulous job - I am very proud of you. Always rising to whatever challenge is put before's to another Happy Saturday soon.

    1. Thank you Maria for believing in me and supporting me. Such a pleasure to work with somebody as talented, passionate and committed as you. Speak soon