Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mummy Manic Rant.

On the writing front this week has been slightly unproductive and bitty. I have resorted to stealing the odd moment with a note pad and pen and nothing very focused. This week has left me very drained constantly dealing with unforseen eventualities, like a leaking shower. Any spare time has been dedicated to dealing with bills, domestics and off course a screaming child.

 These so called self help guides for parents, that I mentioned in the last post rant on about delegating to a spouse. They say " men hunt and gather and women nurture". I am doing all the hunting, gathering and nurturing, playing the role of a mother and father. When my daughter screams " I want this, I want that" I find my self screaming back " What about what I want"?

Anyway my rant is over for now. Lets see if next week can be more productive?

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