Friday, 6 April 2012

Inspiration Strikes

At last I have found a profile  picture for my blog. As a result I feel inspired to write this post.  It is quite fitting for the theme I would say, as it was taken on a very manic day. A few months back I was asked to recite one of my poems for an event and do a cookie stall.

 Leading up to the event I had to compose a poem especially for that occassion and stay up for a couple of nights baking cookies. All this while taking care of a toddler who was not potty trained then. I still managed to find time to paint my nails, do my make up etc etc. Now that is how a real life yummy mummy fits it all in.

I get frustrated when the likes of Heat magazine have front page pictures of these stressed out celeb yummy mummies. How do us normal mums living in the real world get by without the entourage and the celeb salaries?


  1. I agree its not real life when you read about celebs, although they probably have different being caught on camera without make-up!

    Happy Easter...

    1. I wish that was my only pressure in life...risking being seen without my make up on. Hope you had a good easter and enjoyed your day of rest from the blogging challenge.