Sunday, 22 April 2012

In Search of a Miracle Manual.

With the best of intentions I visited the local library with my daughter at the weekend. As I put her in a corner for" time out" for naughty behaviour I came across a book, that I literally thought was a godsend. It was "The Girl's Guide To Being a Working Mum: How to be happy at home and happy at work" by Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio.

 Just from skimming through it I feel reassured that I am not on my own with my feelings of guilt and have actually discovered  some good mantra's to keep me sane. For example by taking care of myself I am taking care of my daughter. Also just because I am a mum it does not mean that is the end of my writing dreams.

 However when it comes to practical advice some of it is impossible for me to apply. For example delegate to your spouse, which I do not have or want. Also the suggestion about not doing laundry everyday, which is easier said then done considering my daughter has only been out of nappies for a few months.

If I stumble across even one magic formula that works I  will post it on the blog. Until then my own journey of mania continues.

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  1. I remember when my children were very young, it was hard work! I looked for every shortcut I could take... One I was dubious about but decided to try out was to iron as little as possible.

    Amazingly, this freed up a lot of time, unfortunitely I never got any more writing done in the space it created, but I remember gong for lots of walks with the pushchair, and writing way past midnight!