Sunday, 1 April 2012

Going back to what I said in the introduction, I will be updating my blog weekly but not necessarily on a Monday. As a working mother of a nearly four year old also juggling my writing, domestic duties and various interests etc. etc. Every day is a manic Monday. Even a seemingly relaxing weekend away.

Take last weekend for example when my daughter and I went away for a friend’s wedding and the weather was just gorgeous. Sounds relaxing? Hmm not necessarily. It was my daughters first train journey with packing for both of us and the need to look fabulous for the wedding. I was lugging a heavy rucksack around Cambridge while controlling my daughter. All this wearing an expensive silk suit and high heels.

On the train journey back for the first few minutes my daughter seemed happy just watching the scenery. The hypnotic effect of it must have sent her to sleep. As she fell asleep on my lap I worked on my two hundred word piece for the writers group on Saturday. I was also due to meet a fellow writing friend for a blog planning meeting so I scribbled down some last notes.

Now that really is multi-tasking at its best. Looking glam for an important event, controlling an energetic child and still finding time to write.


  1. Hi Maya,

    Welcome to the blogosphere!
    I'm looking forward to reding all about your antics as you try and juggle motherhood, writing and everything else life throws at you...

    200 words is a good number to work on when you are time limited, and all those figures add up if you decide to write a longer piece too.
    Have a good week!

    1. Thank you Maria my blogging mentor. So pleased you found me. How is the A-Z challenge going on a physical level. I really take my hat off to you. All the best with it.